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M. J. Maillis group is manufacturing and distributing complete secondary packaging systems, machines & materials in Strapping, Wrapping and Box Handling.

Maillis Strapping Systems is your North American manufacturer⁄distributor of strapping consumables, strapping tools and strapping machinery. Maillis Strapping Systems manufactures PET strap out of our facility in South-Carolina, USA. Our strapping machinery and pallet load conveyors are built in Ayer's Cliff (QC) under the same roof as Wulftec International's stretch wrappers.

This strategy enables both Wulftec and MSS to build dual systems that integrate both strapping and stretch wrapping for when such an application is needed.Our strapping equipment and our conveyors are designed to work flawlessly even in the harshest conditions. Plus, they are easy to set up, easy to operate and offer extremely secured strap - load after load, year after year.

Advanced machines backed by: Maillis experience, Wulftec engineering and unbeatable service The Maillis name has been recognized as a leader in the strapping industry in Europe for over 35 years. In 2004, Maillis moved its production of high-end machinery for North America to Ayer’s Cliff, Quebec.

There, with domestic sourcing of the off-the-shelf components including Allen Bradley controls, Wulftec is producing technology advanced strapping systems suited to the North American market. With fully staffed parts and service centers in both the US and Canada, Wulftec has become the choice of the most demanding customers.

Custom machines and retrofits are also available, please call LitinPak for more information

World-renowned, state-of-the-art technology in strapping, wrapping, and case handling.

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Pallet Handling

Wulftec - Pallet Handling Chain Conveyors

Wulftec - Pallet Handling Chain Transfer

Wulftec - Pallet Handling Electric Lift Conveyor

Wulftec - Pallet Handling - Hydraulic Lift Conveyor

Wulftec - Pallet Handling - Index Turntable

Wulftec - Pallet Handling Pallet Dispenser

Wulftec - Pallet Handling Pallet Inverter

Wulftec - Pallet Handling Pallet Stacker

Wulftec - Pallet Handling Shuttle Conveyor


Wulftec - Retrofits Compact Clamp

Wulftec - Retrofits in Cycle Top Sheet

Wulftec - Retrofits Spring Loaded Gate

Strapping Machinery

Wulftec - Strapping Machinery Lumber Press

Wulftec - Strapping Machinery - Power Master

Wulftec - Strapping Machinery Vario Master 9440

Wulftec - Strapping Machinery Vario Master 9460

Wulftec - Strapping Machinery Vario Master 9471

Wulftec - Strapping Machinery Vario Master 9490

Stretch Wrappers

Wulftec - Stretch Wrappers - Automatic Stretch Wrap Machines - Automatic Turntable

Wulftec - Stretch Wrappers Automatic Turntables

Wulftec - Stretch Wrappers - Other

Wulftec - Stretch Wrappers Semi-Automatic Stretch Wrap Machines

Wulftec - Stretch Wrappers Semi-Automatic Turntables

Conveyer Systems

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