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About Arpac Group

ARPAC - A Global Leader in Packaging Equipment Solutions

ARPAC is a leading global packaging equipment manufacturer. We design, build and service a wide range of packaging equipment from shrink wrappers and case erectors to complete integrated packaging solutions, for a variety of applications. While our systems are found in-service worldwide, all ARPAC machinery is manufactured, serviced and supported in the USA.

We offer many base models for each machinery type, but also have deep experience in customization for individual units and systems. With 30,000 machine installations worldwide, ARPAC is well-versed in building packaging solutions to suit customers’ needs. We often leverage this experience to integrate packaging equipment from ARPAC and other manufacturers, developing complete packaging solutions for our clientele.

Further, ARPAC has one of the fastest order-to-shipment delivery times in the packaging machinery manufacturing industry. Our continual investment in our vertically integrated facility, coupled with solid lean manufacturing principles, give us a competitive production advantage. ARPAC maintains stock of many standard packaging machines at competitive prices for quick delivery. With one of the broadest lines of packaging equipment in the industry, we can provide multiple solutions to your packaging challenges and ensure you find the best fit possible.

Arpac Products

Arpac - OEM - Integrated Packaging Systems

Conventional Palletizers

1200B Fully Automatic Bag Palletizer

500 Series Conventional Case Palletizer

Fully Automatic Bag Palletizer

Fully Automatic Case/Tray Palletizer

Robotic Palletizers

Arbot Series Integrated Robotic Palletizer and Stretch Wrapper

Palletizer Accessories

PD4840 Stand Alone Pallet Dispenser

PD Fork Style Pallet Dispenser

SD4840 Stand Alone Sheet Dispenser

PS PSD Palletizing Station

TT4840 Powered Rotating Turntable

4009 Full Pallet Turntable with Transporting Conveyor

FP 1020 Chain Pop-Up Transfer

FP 2020 5" Chain Driven Live Roller Conveyor with Floor Supports

FP 2000 5" Chain Driven Live Roller Conveyor

FP 3000 Full Pallet Transfer Car with Turntable Conveyor

FP 3011 Full Pallet Transfer Conveyor Car

FP 4025 5" Wire Mesh Conveyor for Pallet Loads

BC 2000 Bag Flattener

BC 3025 10" Wire Mesh Conveyor for Product Loads

BC 4001 Bag Conveyor In-line Reject

BC 5015 Belt Conveyor Slide Bed

BC 5020 Belt Conveyor Roller Bed

BC 7002 & 7003 Bag Conveyor Floor Support

Shrink Bundling - Multi-packing

Shrink Bundlers

Arpac 105-70 - Shrink Bundler for Oversized Products

Arpac 108F-32 - Shrink Bundler for Small Products

Arpac 737C - Manually Operated Shrink Bundler

Arpac 55GI-20CX- Compact Continuous Motion Wrapper with Integral Shrink Tunnel

Arpac 75GI-20X - Continuous Motion Shrink Wrapper with Tunnel

Arpac 75GI-24X - Continuous Motion Shrink Wrapper with Tunnel

Arpac 708HB - Right-Angle Intermittent Motion Shrink Bundler

Arpac AGR Series - Dairy Industry Shrink Bundler