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About Acme Packaging

In August of 2004, ITW Brands, ITW Gerrard Packaging and Acme Packaging were merged under Acme Packaging. Acme Packaging, located in Elmhurst, IL has annual sales in excess of $100 Million from sales of steel strapping, plastic strapping, tools, parts, seals, and special application machines. Acme also offers tool repair service and on site technical machine repair service and application assistance through our facility in Charlotte, NC.

Acme has 1,500 active distributor and end user accounts that are serviced out of our strategic warehouse locations  Baltimore, MD, Bridgeview, IL, and Pittsburg, CA.

Acme is currently 1 of only 2 master distributors for the Fromm tool line and the only distributor of Orgapack tools in the USA.

Acme offers potential client's many advantages 
Large Inventory - On time delivery, you won't run out of stock.
National Distribution - Reduces your freight costs and shipping time.
Tool Repair Service - Send all of your tools to one company for repair.
Mfg. Experience - This is what we do! Consistent Quality.
Packaging Experts - Improve your packaging process. (quality / cost / design)
800 Support Program - 7:00AM - 4:30PM CST, talk to live operators.
Financially Strong - Acme has the resources to serve the customer.
Industry Leader - Proactive approach to your packaging needs.
Custom Programs - Solutions to your specific application.
Packaging Review - Lower costs without sacrificing load integrity.

Acme Packaging Products

Acme Packaging Downloads

Acme Packaging – Steel Strapping – Regular Duty

Acme Packaging – Steel Strapping – Super Duty

Acme Packaging – Steel Strapping – High Tensile

Acme Packaging – Steel Strapping – Stainless Steel

Acme Packaging – Plastic – Polyester PET

Acme Packaging – Plastic – Hand Grade Polypropylene HPP - Strapex

Acme Packaging – Plastic – Machine Grade Polypropylene MPP - Strapex

Acme Packaging – Plastic – Replastic – Coil Separators

Acme Packaging – Seals – Steel

Acme Packaging – Seals – Plastic

Acme Packaging – Buckles

Acme Packaging – Tools – Manual Combination

Acme Packaging – Tools – Acme Dispensers

Acme Packaging – Tools – Acme Cutters

Acme Packaging – Tools – Fromme Pneumatic

Acme Packaging – Tools – Fromme Manual / Combination

Acme Packaging – Tools – Fromme Battery

Acme Packaging – Tools – Fromme Electric

Acme Packaging – Tools – Orgapack Pneumatic

Acme Packaging – Tools – Orgapack Manual Combination

Acme Packaging – Tools – Orgapack Battery

Acme Packaging – Tools – MIP Manual Combination

Acme Packaging – Machines – Strapex SMG Series

Acme Packaging – Machines – Cut to Length Machine

Acme Packaging – Strapbinder

Acme Packaging – Polycord – Avistrap

Acme Packaging – Tool Parts and Repairs